About us GAMMOH group

Gammohgroup is an international companiess, operating in several fields.

We are in continual improvement in the quality of products and services, and we believed that developing a link between our partners, clients and us as product, services that we provide will optimize efficiency to winning partners trust and loyalty.

 International specialized trade used  lead acid batteries for recycling ,

We are one of the leaders companies exporting Lead Acid batteries Whole in Jordan, according the Bassel Convenes, and international regulation for these type Specialized Goods.

Our main partner is KCM – AD, Plovdiv – Bulgaria; they are part of the holding structure of KCM 2000 AD. The company is a leading producer of nonferrous and precious metals in Southeast Europe and the Black Sea Region, working actively for the environmental recognition of metals as efficient market products. 

Construction, machines, tools, equipments, , We have comprehensive products of Crane Technology products, we are one of the leading suppliers of new electric hoists, cranes, , overhead cranes,   I-beam jib cranes, gantries, workstation jib cranes, in Jordan.

Our engineers teams are ready and have the ability to provide our customers with  service and engineering activity with electric hoists, cranes, and technical expertise and solutions for their needs no matter where and what are their needs with the engineering Know-How for these products .

Interior, design, civil construction


Our teams is ready for helping you in your search, of products, materials, machines, equipments  , and increase your information in finding an appropriate decisions for  our clients and partners .